The Positive Effects of Nature on your Wellbeing

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The importance of Nature to our Wellbeing

A 30-days campaign was run by the Wildlife Trusts of the University of Derby, with the prime focus on uncovering the crucial role nature plays in our overall eudaemonia. The study revealed that subjective feelings of happiness and wellbeing were positively correlated with natural activities such as gardening, animal feeding, bird watching, and bushwalking.

Dr. Miles Richardson, the face of this research, cited valuable evidence on how proximity to the nature improved mood, enhanced respiratory functioning, regulated hormonal malfunctions, and impacted on the thought structure of individuals as a whole.

Just by being outdoors and using all our senses to appreciate nature, we can be more mindful of the present, gain emotional resilience, and combat stress with more vitality.

We become naturally immune to anxiety, emotional ups and downs, and thought blocks, thereby feel more lively and energetic than before.

The survey further pointed that people who lived close to natural wilderness like the beach, mountains, or parklands, had better mental health and reported of falling sick lesser than those living in congested urban settings


Human Nature- the FOUR connections!

1.Physical Wellbeing

Improves cardiac functions, reduces hypertension, balances hormonal regulation, improves respiratory functioning & enhances eyesight.

2. Social Wellbeing

Effective interpersonal communication, stronger bonds, deeper emotional attachment, empathy, less conflict & aggression at home.

3. Spiritual Wellbeing

Deeper sense of self, more gratitude, self- enhancement, increased insight towards the positive & negative aspects of life.

4. Psychological Wellbeing

Emotional regulation, increased attention, positive thinking, improved stress management, resilience & mood upliftment.


Nature provides, improves, cleanses, builds, & heals our health- its a proven fact!!. So next time your in need of an uplift or scenery change to get these changes happening, just look to the natural world around you.

Visit the full article here https://positivepsychology.com/positive-effects-of-nature/


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