How I chose Hideaway...

‘Purchasing Hideaway was the scariest thing i have ever done. Not even my kids knew where Nannup was, what was i getting myself into?’


This is something very new to me – I don’t usually speak about my personal life so openly.
But with the 8th Anniversary of Hideaway celebrated Saturday just gone 1/9/18 AND celebrating my 55th birthday in July, there has been a lot to reflect upon.
I am a huge believer in the true meanings of numbers & what they stand for, and fittingly :
8 = Infinite
5 = Change, Freedom, Liberation & Truth.
So i thought why not, lets throw myself in the deep end a bit & follow through with those meanings!
Going back to since I was a child ,one of my highest values in life was always Health & Wellbeing . I was always so fascinated by how this high tech machine of the Body & Mind function and its connection to the soul.
How was I to know that all of my lifestyle trials and tribulations would relate back to this. Looking back, the patterns were there in everything I had/ and have attracted into my life. And it presented me to Hideaway, and this is how it unfolded….
In 1993, I had 3 beautiful children all under the age of six & was travelling back & forth to Melbourne while we lived and breathed the AFL life – with my ex husband playing for 8 years with multiple clubs, all while working as a Dental Technician to support our young family. After 8 years of doing so, the life we were living had really taken a toll on our young family, and in late 1993 I was diagnosed with a rare breast disease which continued for the next 11 years!.
As years went by and with every recurrence of the lesions I thought had been taken care of, the risk of cancer occurring was now too high. With my treatment not putting my breast disease at bay, I dove into deep research. Everyone talks about that ‘gut feeling’, and at this point that feeling was only getting stronger and stronger for me. Who knew an inner knowing was guiding me on my own path.
Natural medicine became my first point of call from day one in understanding what my body was teaching me to defeat this horrible disease . Devouring books on an array of subjects from Yoga – Angels – Power of the Mind – Seichim Mastery – Quantum physics, sound, thermography, bioresonance, vibrational medicine – anything and everything! Restoring my health was my driving force!

So in  2004, I decided to have a double mastectomy/reconstruction surgery. The process spanning over a 6 month period and major surgery. I got myself into peak fitness prior to surgery, the fittest I had ever been. And even renovated a unit leading up to the operation, what a payoff it was. Everything flowed perfectly – surgery and healing proceeded like clockwork, no pain killers, walking around within hours of surgery, and feeling fantastic! I was back in the gym 1 week later!

The sense of relief, peace, success that now resided within me was like conquering Everest to me. My life had now changed and my thinking had evolved!
In March 2005 the surgery process had now been completed & life was looking a bit more on track. I still after my surgery had the thirst to learn more about Naturopathy, so decided to attend the open day at AIHM (Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine) Instead I learned of an admin position which was available, which I applied for and was hired.  Here my thirst for healing modalities inspired me to explore further and deeper into the amazing healing abilities that natural medicine/remedies offered.
That same week of starting my new job I met my now ex partner, who introduced me to Nannup.  Everything clicked, it felt like home! The pristine fresh air and water, four seasons, rolling green hills, moderate temperatures, natural forests, magnificent scenery, peace and quiet, fabulous healthy organic produce, picture perfect country style living. Everything i could have imagined that perfect place to be! The city’s pulsating chaos, stresses, white noise, busy-ness was no longer tolerable.
At this stage I wasn’t the owner of Hideaway, but became very loyal guests who had fallen in love with the property and were booking months in advance to get our fix of the country setting. Unfortunately something was about to rear its ugly head again, and in May 2010 my ex partner was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer (who thankfully continues to be in remission today) 
Heaven and earth moved & everything was turned upside down again. Never in my wildest dreams had I envisaged living in the Country, but the sign posts were telling me otherwise. The inner knowing over time was growing stronger, and it all pointed to one thing!….. That September, Hideaway became our new home! 
What better place to create a space for ourselves, family, & friends- and others to drop out, unplug, recharge, reconnect, & rejuvenate their senses. For everyone who has visited Hideaway you know what I’m talking about! I could see the benefits it gave me & everyone else who visited.
Purchasing Hideaway was the scariest thing i have ever done. But not even my kids knew where Nannup was, what was i getting myself into?
The last eight years on this long and winding road (literally) have presented some very unexpected challenges I never imagined. The detriment of Cancer, such a long, severe treatment to the mind body and soul cut very deep to both of us. Not just physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It changed his life & mine!
Cancer changes everything! Their life obviously, but your life as a partner & carer – and there is not a lot of support to manage those aspects especially as a newby to a country town. I was not personally prepared for those changes, nor the responsibilities combined with the magnitude of running a 32 acre property & business, of which I have been running solo the last 4 years ( yeh…I’m not quite sure how I’ve done it! )
It’s definitely not how I envisaged life to run, but the meaning and purpose behind Hideaway will always be here and will always be my driving force to constantly improve and innovate the space.
People always ask Nannup, wheres that? Why there? What are you thinking!? Eight years on, those who visit Hideaway get it now! 
The space, the silence.  It all has provided the energy for me to learn about me. To listen, connect & fill me up with all the good stuff I came here in the beginning to pursue. Such a blessing! And 13 years later it has done just that! I am free of dis-ease & enjoying all the benefits of living in the country.
I am SO thankful to those in my world, who have supported and assisted me to this point. My family & friends who have been open and trusting in my choices to walk this sometimes mysterious, challenging but magical pathway. No doubt, there has been many occasions where I’ve questioned my choices, but my inspiration & contentment that buoys me is the love & appreciation I receive from all who visit. And I am so grateful for what Hideaway offers and my genuine, heartfelt giving to this project of care taking such a healing space.
If your Wellbeing is in need of some nurturing, whether it be just a weekend getaway to unplug or a more in depth focus on your health ….. our Retreat space can support you, as it has me!
We have a number of modalities on offer to choose from & our highly trained professionals will give you that one on one time you need!
We will be launching our new Health Retreat program in October.
Expressions of interest are welcomed if you believe you need to unplug, disconnect and get yourself back to a healthy balance.
I hope in sharing my story, it inspires many of you needing a lift or just a bit of guidance- that it can be done!
Leisa x