This RETREAT is the birth of the Essential Woman within.A journey to remembering, weaving and creating with feminine light.
A very Intimate retreat to awaken the Essential Woman.

As 2019 is coming to a close and 2020 is opening, this retreat is bringing forth the final healing, growth, wisdom and teaching pathways within your body, soul and life for you to immerse in the power within, the wisdom within, the gateways within. This retreat holds the KEYS to evolving as Woman. This retreat is built around the principle and foundation of the 4 stages of labour, the 4 aspect of the integral feminine and the medicine wheels of 4.Bathe in healing flowers, stand bare on the earth, admire the wildflowers, gaze at the stars, restore your energy and connection to other Women.



  • An opportunity to explore a crystal vein and gather crystals
  • An opportunity to be on Sacred Indigenous land
  • Immerse in nature and being out in the country
  • A space to first nourish your BODY and your foundations
  • Nourish CONNECTION to yourself, Women, the earth and spiritual essence
  • Nourish your EARTH frequency, enjoy beautiful scenery and being on the land
  • Nourish your SPIRITUAL essence as an awakened Woman, Womb and Heart Wisdom


  • Sacred Feminine tools & healing practices
  • Practice and receive ancient wisdom and teachings
  • Learn to make offerings and use the medicine wheel
  • Immersive healing sessions using pranayama, breath work, sound, plants and wisdom specifically for Women
  • Womb wisdom, shamanic process and priestess activation
  • Somatic release, moving emotions and stagnant energy.
  • Yoga and feminine movement
  • Deepen your connection to natures rhythm and source to begin to work with your prosperity keys
  • Open and embrace your soul gifts as medicine, as essential knowing for this world.
  • Learn how to activate pathways to your bodies wisdom
  • Cultivate your relationships with the feminine, embodying the feminine and union with other Women
  • Cultivate and understand Sacral and Womb Prana through Earth connection
  • Ceremony, ritual and healing immersion
  • Storytelling, discourse and experiential teachings
  • Time to breathe and be with the trees (our master teachers).


  • What’s been missing from your life? (Don’t know, come find out)
  • Ready to weave a new reality of life?
  • Ready to clear the old you, out dated consciousness from your being and STAND STRONG in your medicine!
  • Are you ready to discover the puzzle pieces to complete the visionary future you see?
  • Are you ready to RECLAIM aspects of your life, your body, your spirit that you’ve given the power away to?!



Payment plans available to be paid TWO weeks prior to event

We WORK INTIMATELY so we cap tickets to host LIMITED retreat spots so that you get PERSONALISED attention!!!


27 NOV – 1 DEC