AQUAfast Retreat


Immersing yourself in AQUA + commitment to a dedicated intention = powerful outcome.YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE – honouring the water in and around you is paramount to life itself.  And 2020 is the year of Self-care! Water fasting is a simple, profound technique promoting rapid cleansing / healing & clarity on many levels. It is a ‘spring clean’ giving the body a break from everyday work in processing food, emotions and rigours of life.


  • Boosts skin health
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Flushes body wastes
  • Brain Function – improves mood, cognitive function, fatigue, confusion, anxiety
  • Affects strength, power, endurance
  • Aids digestion & nutrient absorbtion
  • Improves blood circulation, carrying nutrients & oxygen throughout the body

Oh, and if you are concerned you will get hungry?…It’s mind over matter! Ghrelin is a hormone that signals ‘hungry’, it comes & it goes in cycles based on routine eating habits – ones you have created! Disturbing these cycles confuse the production- lessening it!


  • Give you clarity & focus in thoughts
  • Increase your energy / Boosts energy – activates metabolism
  • Have you feeling cleansed & hydrated


  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Kangen Filtered Water – Hydrogen Rich
  • Light bodied Broths, Juices, Herbal Teas
  • Guest Facilitator Information / Discussion / Q & A
  • 2 Forest Therapy Guided Meditations
  • 1 Sound Bath Immersion 40mins
  • 2 Sunrise Ceremonies
  • 2 Yoga or Pilates Classes 60mins
  • 2 Infrared Sauna 30mins
  • 2 BioResonance Session 25mins
  • Unlimited use Wellness Library / Cards
  • Gentle daily exercise rejuvenating Mind-Body-Soul
  • Fire Ceremony – (seasonal) Opening Retreat
  • Seed Sewing Ceremony – Closing Retreat
  • Free time – lots of stillness


Spaces are limited for your privacy, solitude & comfort. AQUAfast Immersions are held regularly – a date to suit everyone. Please check our calendar to choose the best one for you!

Invest in your Self-care with consistent maintenance, book 3 Retreats / year & receive 10% discount (T&C’s apply)

Honor the divinity you are, Shine! Be the lighthouse, amplify magnificence.



Deluxe Room    Single  |  $790.00

Executive Suite    Single  | $890.00   Shared  |  $790.00

Spa Cottage    Single  |  $990.00   Shared  |  $890.00

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Infrared Sauna at Nannup Hideaway